Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kismet Inn's Signature Body Exfoliation

Our signature body exfoliation is an Old World Body Scrubbing called Kiseh Keshee or exfoliation, a ritual performed all over the continent of Asia from Japan and China in the Far East to Turkey in the West. In the days of the Ottoman Empire, the routine of going to the hamam (bath) involved an all-over body exfoliation using a natural fibre hand mitten known as kiseh. To this day, this beauty and cleansing ritual is practiced in Turkish hamams and indeed in the finest beauty spas and health retreats the world over.

This traditiional Old World body Scrubbing ritual takes place in your own bathroom. After soaking in our deep Japanese Style soaking tubs which are big enough for 2-4 people or steaming in the steam showers for about 20 minutes to open up the pores of the skin, a therapists will come scrub the entire body, i.e., the neck area, the legs, the back, the arms with kiseh using a traditional exfoliant. Following the body the face will also be exfoliated with the just exfoliant and finally the feet with pumice. Dead skin comes off in long rolls leaving skin deeply cleansed. Once the scrubbing is done you are left to wash your hair and body with soap & shampoo. The exfoliation gets rid of all the dead skin accumulated for years leaving you with a soft skin and feeling light. You keep the cloth, the exfoliant and the pumice.

This process has to be done in a timely manor you cannot rush it, one can enjoy soaking from half hour to couple of hours. Since it is done in a steamy room the body gets dehydrated so lots of ice cold water or sour cherry juice is brought to you to stop the dehydration. Once this exfoliation and washing is done there are soft Turkish Cotton bathrobes to wear and relax in your room. Once relaxed you apply almond oil to the body to keep the skin soft.

As final part of our Signature Eastern Body Exfoliation you will be served fine aromatic brewed tea with confections and pastry made at Kismet Inn, in your room.

For the entire service: $200

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